CPC20712 Course Structure


CPCPCM2039A – Carry out interactive workplace communication

CPCPCM2040A – Read plans and calculate plumbing quantities

CPCPCM2041A – Work effectively in the plumbing and services sector

CPCPCM2043A – Carry out WHS requirements

CPCPCM2045A – Handle and store plumbing materials

CPCPCM2046A – Use plumbing hand and power tools

CPCPCM2047A – Carry out levelling

CPCPCM2054A – Carry out simple concreting and rendering

CPCPDR2021A – Locate and clear blockages

CPCPDR2022A – Install domestic treatment plants

CPCPDR2024A – Install stormwater and sub-soil drainage systems

CPCPDR2025A – Drain work site

CPCPDR2026A – Install prefabricated inspection openings and enclosures

CPCPDR3021A – Plan layout of a residential external sanitary drainage system

CPCPDR3022A – Install below ground sanitary drainage systems

CPCPDR2023A – Install on-site disposal systems

HLTFA211A – Provide basic emergency life support

RIICCM210A – Install trench support

ELECTIVE UNITS (four required)

CPCPCM2048A – Cut and join sheet metal

CPCPCM2049A – Cut using oxy-LPG-acetylene equipment

CPCPCM2050A – Mark out materials

CPCPCM2052A – Weld using oxy-acetylene equipment

CPCPCM2053A – Weld using manual metal arc welding equipment

CPCPCM3022A – Weld polyethylene and polypropylene pipes using fusion method

CPCPDR2023A – Maintain effluent disinfection systems

CPCPRF2023A – Collect and store roof water

CPCPSN3025A – Install pre-treatment facilities

CPCPWT3029A – Install water pipe systems