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CPC40110 Course Structure


CPCCBC4001A – Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for low rise buildings

CPCCBC4002A – Manage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace

CPCCBC4003A – Select and prepare a construction contract

CPCCBC4004A – Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects

CPCCBC4005A – Produce labour and material schedules for ordering

CPCCBC4006B – Select procure and store construction materials for low rise projects

CPCCBC4007A – Plan building or construction work

CPCCBC4008B – Conduct on-site supervision of the building and construction projects

CPCCBC4009B – Apply legal requirements to building and construction projects

CPCCBC4010B – Apply structural principles to residential low rise constructions

CPCCBC4011B – Apply structural principles to commercial low rise constructions

CPCCBC4012B – Read and interpret plans and specifications

BSBSMB406A – Manage small business finances


CPCCBC4017A – Arrange resources and prepare for the building and construction project

CPCCBC4018A – Apply site surveys and set-out procedures to building and construction projects

CPCCBC4024A – Resolve business disputes