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CPC40110 Distance Learning

The focus of the distance learning option is for self paced learning in the comfort of your own surrounds. It is designed for existing trade contractors wanting to take the next step and become a licensed building contractor. No prior knowledge of the management and supervisory requirements in the building of residential and low-rise commercial projects is necessary.

The assessment will cover the key theory and practical areas related to the construction and management of residential and commercial low-rise building work. At the completion of the course you will have gained the knowledge required to successfully build and project manage both residential and low rise commercial building works.

Core Industry Training has clustered some of the units of competency into modules to enable a more holistic delivery and assessment process. This is due to certain units of competency have overlapping knowledge and skill requirements. The clustering of units also enables the course to be completed in a shorter timeframe.


To enrol you should possess an adequate level of language, literacy and numeracy skills sufficient enough to read and interpret building plans, specifications, contracts, codes and standards.

You should also possess a level of post trade experience.


The course consists of written, practical and verbal assessments. The written and practical assessments are issued with each module of units and are completed online. The verbal assessment is conducted with your assessor at the completion of the written and practical assessments, prior to commencing your next module. Each assessment will require you to put into practice the knowledge you have acquired, in either a real life or simulated work environment, using the materials and resources that have been provided to you.

Learning Materials are provided with each module to assist you with completing the assessments. The only extra resources that you will need to obtain are the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standard AS1684.2 for use with some of the practical assessments. Access details for these resources are provided once you begin the course.

You will also have access to you own designated trainer/assessor to support and answer any questions you may have about the course.


The course could be completed within five – six months of enrolling. You will be provided with a timeframe of completion for each module upon enrollment.


Total course fee: $4,000.00 (click here to check funding eligibility)

Payment options: Direct Deposit, Credit Card, Alternative Payment Plan

Alternative payment plans via Direct Deposit or Credit Card are available at $290 per calender month unitl fees are paid in full. A 5% administration fee applies to this service and is included in the monthly fee.

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