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CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building Construction (Building) Recognition Of Prior Learning

The RPL assessment is designed for people currently working within the building and construction industry as a builder or building supervisor but for one reason or another do not hold the required qualification in order to obtain a building license, and want to be assessed for the qualification based on their current experience and skill levels.

The assessment will cover the key theory and practical areas related to the construction and management of residential and commercial low-rise building work. Your experience, knowledge and competence will be assessed against the 16 competencies of the qualification.


You must be able to demonstrate relevant experience to validate your ability to competently and successfully build and project manage both residential and low rise commercial buildings. This experience level is in line with the licensing requirements for qualified carpenters and bricklayers in most states (other trades may require additional experience levels). You should also possess an adequate level of language, literacy and numeracy skills sufficient enough to read and interpret building plans, specifications, contracts, codes and standards.


Following an initial interview with one of our assessors who will discuss with you your building industry experiences, including the types of projects that you have worked on, what your roles were and who you were employed by, you will complete a self assessment guide which will provide an indication of how your current experience matches the qualification.

Following this, you will enrol and be issued with an RPL Assessment Manual that will detail all of the evidence that you need to collect, how to present your evidence and how the assessment will be conducted.

In brief, the assessment will consist of workplace visits and observations and participating in competency conversations with your assessor were you will discuss the different aspects of each unit of competency in a bid to identify your current level of underpinning knowledge. It will also involve the gathering of evidence to show you have experience in the practical aspects of each unit of competency. This evidence will be outlined in the RPL Assessment Manual.


The RPL process does not have a minimum time frame, although the average time taken to gather the required evidence and conduct the assessment will generally be around six to eight weeks. Remember, the quicker you collect and submit all required evidence to your assessor the quicker the assessment can be completed and your qualification issued.


Total cost of assessment: $4,160

Payment options: Direct Deposit, Cheque, Credit Card, Alternative Payment Plan

Alternative payment plans via Direct Deposit or Credit Card are available at $290 per calender month until fees are paid in full. A 5% administration fee applies to this service and is included in the monthly fee.

Travel costs may be incurred for regional clients.

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