Enrolment, Course Fees and Payments

A completed enrolment form must be provided before you can commence your training. This includes any eligibility documentation which is required by the specific funding body and Core Industry Training.

Course fees will be invoiced upon confirmation of enrolment and all payments are expected within seven days of invoice generation.

Payment methods include credit card, direct deposit or payment plan.  We will not take more than $1,500 in advance.


Students who choose to pay their tuition fee by instalment will be required to provide their credit/debit card details and authorise Core Industry Training to deduct a nominated amount per month. This will occur on the 20th of each month or the next business day if the 20th falls on a weekend.  Payment plans are only available on fees above $1,000.00.

Once the tuition fee is paid in full, the payments will cease.

All student credit card details are kept in a secure environment.

Final certificates will only be issued when all course fees have been received and fees may apply for re-issuance of replacement certificates.


Course refunds will be considered under the following circumstances:

1.   Where a student enrols in a qualification or unit that is postponed by Core Industry Training and a new      commencement date allocated. The student will be provided with the opportunity to either commence   on the amended commencement date or withdraw with a full refund.

2.   Where a student chooses to withdraw from a program prior to commencement, (in writing), a full      refund of all monies will be paid to the student.  Should the student choose to postpone their      enrolment to commence at a later time (within three months), the fee paid will be retained and      transferred to the new enrolment.  If the student does not subsequently enrol, a refund will be issued.

3.   If an enrolled student decides to cancel and not participate in a qualification within 14 days of      commencement, a $50 administration fee will be charged and if applicable, the remainder of the fees refunded.

4.   Where a student cancels their enrolment after 14 days of commencement, fees paid up to date of      cancellation are not refundable, unless evidence of extenuating circumstances can be supplied.  In      this instance, a student may apply for a refund by making a written request supported by documented      evidence to the Director. The administration fee will still be charged in this instance.

5.   The student will not be responsible for the balance of the qualification.

All refunded fees are paid directly into a nominated bank account.

Course Participant/Course Materials

All relevant course material will be provided by Core Industry Training throughout the duration of a course.

Computer access and a basic level of computer skills will be required for some assessment tasks. Please contact CIT prior to enrolment to discuss possible options if you do not meet the above criteria.

Students will be provided with information regarding the duration of their program before or at the start of their training.

Support will be available at all times during training and students are encouraged to seek the assistance of their trainer on a regular basis.

Any changes to student personal details – address, phone number etc – during a course must be forwarded to Core Industry Training as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in a re-issue fee for any certification documentation.

Unique Student Identifier

All individuals studying nationally recognised training are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) or “Student Identifier”.  More information about the USI can be downloaded and viewed at the following website: www.usi.gov.au/Students/Pages/default.aspx

Without a valid Unique Student Identifier, Core Industry Training is unable to issue students any completion documentation.

Assessment Submission / Course Cancellation

Core Industry Training reserves the right to cancel students from courses if time frames are not met, students fail to submit work, or make contact with their trainer or respond to reasonable requests/enquiries regarding their progress over a continuous period of three months. A re-enrolment fee of $250.00 (two hundred and fifty dollars) will be payable for students wishing to continue in a course following a notice of cancellation.

All students are required to complete declarations for both theoretical assessment questionnaires and practical assessment tasks when submitting their work for assessment. Such declarations confirm that all work is that of each student.

Where plagiarism is evident, Core Industry Training reserves the right to take appropriate measures, which include the possibility of termination without financial recompense.

Disciplinary Procedures

At all times students are to act with honesty, integrity and responsibility throughout their training and assessment.   Should a student, at any time, not act with honesty or integrity, disciplinary actions may be taken at the discretion of Core Industry Training’s Management. This may include removal from a course.

Core Industry Training reserves the right to decline admission to a course; terminate a student’s enrolment at any time; or change trainer or assessor at any time without notice.

Students have the right to appeal these actions via the Core Industry Training complaints and appeals policy (available upon request).

Core Industry Training is committed to principles of access and equity and maximising outcomes for all students by ensuring that programs and services are relevant, accessible, fair and inclusive.

Core Industry Training also complies with the objectives of relevant Federal and State legislation and will meet the needs of individuals without discrimination regardless of sex, race, marital status, origin, language barriers, disability, and seek to assist individuals wherever possible to increase opportunities through vocational education and training by identifying barriers to participation and develop strategies that help overcome such barriers.

Core Industry Training will not condone or tolerate harassment, victimisation or bullying of any kind.  This includes harassment, victimisation, bullying because of sex, race, national origin, religion, disability, sexuality or age.

Occurrences of such behaviour must be reported to Core Industry Training management immediately for investigation and where necessary, disciplinary action will be taken.

Complaints and Appeals

Core Industry Training recognises that differences and grievances can arise from time to time and is committed to the early resolution of complaints and appeals in a manner that is fair and impartial to all parties involved. The following steps are implemented to ensure this happens:

  • Inform us if you are dissatisfied, or have any concerns about our products, services, or processes
  • If you feel you have been unfairly treated by a representative of Core Industry Training

We will fully investigate all such complaints and appeals and strive to resolve them to the satisfaction of all parties.  If you are not satisfied with the resolution we will refer the matter to an independent organisation.

Core Industry Training’s complete complaints and appeals policy is available upon request and is also available via the Student handbook on the Core Industry Training website.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Our standard course material contains written documentation and assessments that require you to read and interpret and at times estimate and calculate. We recognise that not all people are able to easily write and perform calculations to the required standards and we are committed to providing assistance to people seeking to undertake training who may have special language, literacy and numeracy requirements. Referrals will be provided to specialist literacy and numeracy assistance agencies where appropriate.


Core Industry Training will protect, as is reasonably possible, all personal information whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from such data.

Information contained in this enrolment form will be used by Core Industry Training for administrative and legal purposes only. No access to your enrolment details will be provided to any other party without your consent, in accordance with Core Industry Training’s Privacy Policy and relevant State/Territory privacy legislation.

Information collected during training and assessment will be used to record your progress. Occasionally State or Commonwealth funding programs that support training and assessment may request, as part of funding contracts, that Core Industry Training submit your personal and progress details for research, statistical analysis, program evaluation, post completion survey and internal management purposes.

Funded Students ONLY (Certificate 3 Guarantee)

If you have been provided with a funded position through the above program, please ensure that you are fully aware of the program requirements via your Student Declaration and the Fact Sheet provided by the Department. Full details can be viewed on our website, and by clicking on the below link: